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Gross appearance of nodules
There is apparently a spring trend in young dogs presenting with multiple small nodules in the skin. Usually from areas of Jerusalem and the north of Israel. The nodules are pinhead size (~3-7 mm), begin in the limbs and ventral abdomen and spread throughout the body. There is no response to antibiotic or corticosteroid therapy.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Shlomi Amiel

The nodules are composed by dilated and hyperplastic hair follicles with lodged larvae. These are larvae from "chigger" or harvest mites from the Trombiculidae family.
The mite has been identified in sections with similar histological characteristics as Straelensia sp. in previous literature reports.
Dermatitis in a dog induced by Straelensia cynotis: a case report
and review of the literature. Veterinary Dermatology 2006, 17, 81–84
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